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Steering Vibrations, rather dramatic though

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re-build my 90 a few months ago and i am getting odd vibrations now from the steering.

Was running 35" silverstones and was just putting it down to those not being ballanced.

I have now fitted some small 205 road biased tyres to try and solve the problem which are ballanced and the issue is:

I have no vibrations at all until i reach about 50mph. once here, the steering will go from smooth to a violent vibration to the verge of loosing control until braking and the vehicle is brought back down to about 20 mph. steering wheel moves a good few inches either way.

Only done it twice as i am not driving it over that as its so bloody dangerous.

I have a new steering dampner on there which is all working fine as no vibrations until i reach 50 so does anyone know any issues i may have?

Haven't checked the tracking as garage i took it to said the tyres were to large to fit there macgine as i took it with the 35"s on so may go and get this done.

any help much appreciated

it is on range rover axles if that makes any difference and is a challenge truck so solid dan bars but wouldn't have thought so.

Many thanks


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Panhard rod bsuhes! I had this a while ago, replaced them with LR parts and it made no effect (plus all the hassle of pressing the old ones out and the nes ones in). Then fitted polybushes instead and the problem went (and so far stayed) away. And yes it is frighteneing! :unsure:

I beleive that many things e.g. panhard rod bushes, swivel pre-load, steering damper even tyres can contribute to the problem, but I also reckon that any one of those could cause the problem (depending how bad it is), but at the same time (in my experience) swivels with little pre-load may not cause the problem unless something else goes as well (e.g. panhard bushes or sterring damper).

Well, that's my theory anyway :rolleyes:



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Steering damper shouldnt really matter. You can drive without one fitted, and its really only there for rough offroad work.

Swivel Preload is the usual culprit for death wobble, but as Peter says check the panhard rod bushes too.

Given you've just rebuilt the truck, i'd expect you'd have fitted new bushes all round?

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There have been multiple posts recently, for me it ended up to be the 'swivel preload'. Before doing the shims I've replaced all other parts, bushes and track rod ends (steering).

To remove shims is very easy, but doing it properly is much more of a dismantling and checking job (with correct preload). I took the shortcut and removed 0.5mm shims, so far that sorted my 'death wobble'.



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