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Hello from Suffolk/Norfolk border

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I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself.

I've now finally taken the plunge and bought an old Defender 90. After years of thinking, umming and ahhing and being persuaded otherwise it's happened. Driving and getting the drunken, jelly legged feeling after yonks behind the wheel is all part of the fun I'm told.

I'll be honest - I'm not the most mechanically minded person in the world (although, hitting things with a hammer is good technique I hear)and apologise in advance for any stupid, air headed questions I may ask in future.

I've heard great things about this forum hence, signing up. Cheers!

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Welcome to the world of Oil and Spanners, one thing for sure you will never have a dull moment, a lot of head scratching and a few choice words at times maybe, but that's all part of owning a Land Rover. The guys on here will give you all the help they can and then some. Like you I'm by no means a spanner man, but with the help of these guys I've saved a small fortune and at the same time got to know and love/hate/love my Tonker Toy.

So give us some more info ie. what model/year Defender, what are you using it for, any major work that needs doing or bits you want to change/add, where are you based?

Once again welcome aboard and have fun in your new venture.

Cheers Mutley

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Welcome to the forum biggrin.gif , it's a great place to get the info and great people plus much more that you'll need to keep your truck on the road, there is a great tech archive that you can refer to along with workshop manuals that you can download in there too(look in the index at the top of the tech archive page) which'll keep you informed and busy making sure your truck is tip top


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Welcome, like yourself not that teci, but plenty on here to help you out of a fix. Good luck with your moneypit.... whoops i meant 90 have fun, its one hell of a ride in more ways than one

Cheers all - thanks for your advice and support.

Money pit? - yes, now that's something experienced already! Its an old model (1987) and the kids totally love it, rust and all. I'm working on keeping it running at the moment though, who knows what gaffs and bugger ups are hidden under the bonnet and elsewhere. Today, I'll be attempted to change the lock barrels, and clean under the bonnet a wee bit more (ex farm landy). Add to that securing the battery (which should've been picked up on the mot?). Nice day for it!

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