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Wiper worries


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I'm just in the progress to get everything working on my "new" 1991 RRC.

The wiper goes in constant mode but stops at whatever position it is when I turn it off. (not giong to neutral position).

Also the intermittent wiper feature is not working at all.

Can someone please point me in the right direction before I start randomly taking everything appart?

...This is just the first of many questions to come, but as with the good old Defender I know that I can rely on the excellent people here :-)

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Hi Santalars,

the problem is a sliding contact on the wiper motor. It gives continous current to the motor, until the end position is reached. This is also why the intermittent feature doesn´t work: The relay gives short pulses, and the sliding contact should be able to fulfill the movement, so to say.

On some wipermotors the contact is replaceble, dont know if this is (got the problem on my RRC as well :rolleyes: ).



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I'm guessing that these wiper motor assemblies incorporate a 'parking switch' usually a micro switch that comes in contact with a cam on the motor shaft to determine when to stop the motor. Sometimes accessible from the outside of the motor casing. Suggest you remove the air vent panel on the scuttle panel and with a torch you should be able to look and get a hand inside to make sure that any wiring plugs are properly connected as a starting point.

To get access to the motor itself will require removing the whole scuttle panel which can buckle when you try to remove it if its been sealed along the bottom windscreen rubber suround.

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Sorry, but I have to go back to that.

I have spottet the linkage through the air vents and can see the shaft of the motor. That told me that the motor must be behind the firewall. I then removed all the panels around the steering colum from the inside and with some gymnastics and a torch I was able to get a glimpse of the wiper motor. ....but how the f**k do you remove it?? from the inside would mean to get all cables and the steering column out first which I think can't be the way. Is the motor accessible from the outside?? I guess that means removing the bonnet, the panel in front of the windscreen, the wipers .... looks like it's a days work to get to this motor. this is not very LR like.

Is there anything I'm missing here? I just want to be sure before I start just to find out that this is the wrong way.

I'm sure someone here did it before.

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That doesn't sound very encouraging.

I did a good search in the web and I could nowwhere found anything refering to the replacement of the wiper motor. I guess I have to look at the workshop manual.

It almost looks like there is no one around who has done it and is still alive to talk about it. ...it's probably dangerous... :rolleyes:

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