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Challenger4x4 AWDC sseries Championship points


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Here are the results so far in simple terms:


Place Score Team number Names

1st 487 4 Mark and Adrian Catchpole

2nd 480.5 14 Andrew Beck and Dominic Flitney

3rd 478 3 Barry Benjamin and Steve Law

4th 471 24 Paul Edney and Trevor Thomas

5th 464 20 Mark Sinclair and Roy Elliss

6th 390 12 Chris Kelly and Jason White

7th 380 1 Nick Anderson and Neville Hudd

8th 376 9 Pete Roberts and Ben Burge

9th 368 16 Ian Cocks and Steve Day

10th 288 19 Andy Nash and Dan Elias

11th 286 6 Steve Beck and Adey Baley

12th 188 30 Giles and Ben Tinkler

13th 185.5 5 Alan and Daniel Willcocks

14th 182.5 28 Clive and Luke Billing

15th 179 25 Matt Squirrell and Tony Mason

16th 99.5 33 Paul Cook and Nicky Hearne

17th 93 32 Richard Gibson and Dominic Banting

18th 90 31 Adam Henvest and Chris Jones

19th 89 26 Benjamin Wolfe and Will Budden

20th 87 13 Simon Rafferty and sorry cant remember!!


1st 490 17 Kevin Moss and Tom Fall

2nd 487 10 Martin and Ben Champion

3rd 399 22 Jerry Hunt and Ben Hampshire

4th 292 2 Sam Coulton and Matthew Martin

5th 199 34 Henry Papworth and Georgina Matthews

6th 195 21 Ben and Nick Turner

7th 98 27 Adey Bayley and Steve Beck

8th 97 18 Brad Fox and Nick Gardner

9th 95 7

9th 95 29 Andrew Wolfe and Rob Edwards

The class 2 scores differ slightly from the spreadsheet as Team 34 was not included in round 5 scores so this has been amended here.

The scores here are for all five rounds but the overall score will be the best five from all six rounds.

Hope this all makes sense if you have any questions please feel free to call me.



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