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Diesel OIL


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Usually the diesel oils are a bit heavier duty but I think the real differences are in the additive package.

Diesel oils have to contend with more soot. I would not hesitate to use a good diesel oil in a gas engine but I would hesitate the other way round. Check the ratings on the lable

My personal preference is for synthetic oils.

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Second the use of fully synthetic, they cost about 30% more but last twice as long, the biggest advantage is that they don't degrade with heat so if it wasn't for the carbon and other muck from the engine they would last indefinately, they also can be made to give nigh optimal viscosity both hot and cold. Using the original specification mineral oil is like using a horse and cart rather than a car because the former is what your ancesters swore by.

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The only issue I'm aware of is that a diesel specific motor oil *may* have elevated phosphorus (ZDDP) levels which can lead to 'poisoning' of catalytic converters - hence the API classifications for gasoline engine oils (SJ/SL/SM etc.) place limits on the amount of ZDDP (this would be part of the 'additive package' mentioned by a previous poster)

However many diesel oils nowadays are formulated to meet both API C (diesel) and S (gasoline) specs - for example Shell's Rotella T5 and T6 are marketed as "heavy duty diesel engine oils" with but are both API CJ-4 *and* SM rated

Hope this helps - not sure what rating system is used in your part of the world

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Thanks guys,

That all sounds very reasonable. What I take frome it is:

If you want to do extra good for your engine, use fully synthetic.

If you change at specified intervals at least you won't ruin yor engine using a good diesel oil in any engine as long as it does not have a cat.

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