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Defender Steering Wheels


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Hi all,

I need a steering wheel for my truck - only problem is I can't remember age of vehicle replacement column came from and I seem to remember that they changed splines or something else between turbos and the TDi's.

Is this memory correct? if so what should I look for to discriminate?



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300tdi, most normal spec TD5's and base spec TDCi's have the 48 spline column with this style of wheel:


<300tdi, and high spec TD5's/TDCi's have the thinner column, using either the old skool 4 spoke wheel, or the range rover style one with the big soft padded bit in the middle:


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Sorry to necro-post, but do the 48-spine columns have tapered splines like Series vehicles, ie do Seris wheels fit the thicker Defender columns and vice versa? Looking into it for a Series PAS conversion...

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