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Painting my disco


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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of painting my disco an urban camo pattern - it's currently a very dull grey atm. Could someone whose painted their car please tell me how I might go about this to achieve a nice finish?

I'm also a little unsure of how this will affect my insurance, and what i'll have to tell the DVLA...if anyone could also advise me on this, i'd appreciate it muchly :)


Lana x

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If you are intending to use matt NATO paints then a roller and a half inch brush should do it.

You will need to tell your insurance company that it has been painted in a non-original colour as it counts as a modification, I don't know if it will affect the price you pay. If you are using the more than one colour I believe you need to inform the DVLA of the predominant colour, since your car is already grey you shouldn't need to do anything.

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