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How to spot a 4 or 6 bolt drop arm at Newbury?


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Not much on my shopping list for the Newbury sortout this Sunday other than a drop arm for a Defender 4 bolt power steering box. Any ideas how to tell the difference between the two types of drop arm?



PS, also looking for a fuel pick up pipe with an intact mesh filter for a Series IIA petrol.

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Count the number of splines and measure the max & min diameters on the taper?

I presume you have a box to attach it to that you can measure?

I've found a digital vernier a most useful thing to take to Newbury for making sure things are what they purport to be.


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I've got a 4 bolt drop arm, connected to a knacked 4 bolt box. Going to send the box to NPS as they pay for old ones, but you can have the arm for beer tokens if you want.

Not sure if I'm going to Newbury yet, but I'm only one Junction up, about 10 mins from J12 M4 (Newbury is J13]

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