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Honest Rain-X review


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Not sure if anyone uses this already, but i kept hearing good things about Rain-X products so thought i'd give them a go...

And before anyone says it, I am NOT affiliated with the company in any way!

I tried the rain-x spray-on cleaner/water repeller and the rain-x anti-fog stuff, they've been on for about six weeks, during which the weather has been pretty wet, and ranged from pretty warm to frosty, so a good range of weather and temperature.

the application is simple for the cleaner, just spray on and use it like you would window cleaner, but you need to buff it off when it dries.

the anti fog stuff is a bit more awkward, you have to clean the glass, then apply it, then let it dry, then buff it off, and you're supposed to get better results the more layers you put on. -i've been putting on two.

SO, the result? well the cleaner which goes on the outside does make a difference, i'm not going to substantiate rain-x's claims that it's so good you can drive in rain at 30mph without wipers, but it does help the water bead off so the wipers have less to do, and it's good in that really annoying fine rain as it seems to make the screen more slippery so the fine stuff beads off more. though also i found the bigger the drops the better it works

Will i keep using it and buy more when this lot is gone? yes.

The anti-fog stuff, is good. i mean, i'm impressed. i bought the stuff hoping that it'd at least make a small difference, as we're on a farm, and surrounded by wet fields, it seems even on dry days the inside is fogged up!

I tested this by using it only on the windscreen and front side windows (all the windows on the car seem to fog up the same normally)

Result? no fogging! and i do mean none! the rears still fogged up, but not the treated areas! i've not had to have the heater on once to clear the screen.

it's even been clear when we've had our wet dog in the back, normally i end up driving with the windows down in this case, as the water evaporating off the dog keeps everything well fogged up, but not with this stuff on.

This week, (6th week) i've had a few small patches where fogging has appeared on the side windows, so i've put a couple more coats on

and it's been fine since.

Will i keep using it and buy more? oh, yes, definitely.

So seeing as fogging windows seems to be a universal bane of landrover ownership (especially this time of year) i figured this review by someone nothing to do with the company or any of the magazines might just help.


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I use Rain-x on my Landrover and on my Mini (bmw) and I must say that it is much better on the mini than the landrover and i expect its to do with the upright windscreen on the 90. Its great on both cars but much better on the mini you dont need the wipers at 50mph if its light rain but as it gets heavier it doesnt disperse as quick. I think its worth the money. :)


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I cant make my mind up about it. My BMW is really smeary when i use the wipers - screen is spotless and blades are new. So i tried rainX and it seems to smear a tiny bit more, but less often as i use the wipers a little less. It is quite good on the defender as you describe above.

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Great review... Thanks...

I used Rain-X many years ago and like the beading but I still needed to use the wipers....

Now the anti fog stuff sounds great.. The rear of my 110 this time of year is fogged up most of the time, so I may just give that a go so reversing isn't so much of a gamble if nothing else...


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I've used Rain x on numerous vehicles, for me it worked brilliantly on some cars but not as great (but still good) on others, angle of the window wasn't the reason.

The more I applied it the better it seemed to get, I apply it about once a month during the winter months and less during the summer. With the application I wipe on a generous coat and let it go cloudy before buffing off, friends have had less success as they try to buff it off too quickly. I drive down motorways in torrential rain without the wipers on, the wipers actually make visibility far worse. The more I use the wipers the quicker the effect degrades.

As for the anti fog, I have used it a couple of times and it seemed to make the windows fog up far worse.

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I remember finding that rain-X was great when you first apply it but not so good as it starts to wear off, also I don't like it when driving at night because of the way it catches streetlights etc just behind the wiper blade. I only tried the anti-fog once and wasn't sure it did anything other than make the moisture bead up so I've never tried it since.

A big plus for me though is how easy it is to scrape off the frost in a morning, almost makes it worth doing just for that.

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Glad everyones happy with the review.

the screen on the defender doesn't make shedding water easy as it's bang flat, whereas new cars are curved and set steeper, but i figure that anything which helps visibility, especially this time of year has to be a good thing.

it's not a miracle worker and it isn't the best thing ever, but it does help.

the anti fog stuff i'd say is one of the best things i've bought for the car, our defender has very little insulation and i've taken out all the carpet and matting, so fogging seems worse than on more 'luxurious(?!)' defenders.

i've found one of the most annoying things this time of year is firstly the fogging, but also the time the heater takes to warm up enough to clear the screen! often by the time it's cleared fully i've got to where i'm going!

with the anti fog stuff i've had no fogging at all since i put it on, apart from the last few days when it needed re-applying.

if i was only going to buy one product, it'd be the anti-fog

and i've also seen that rain-x do wiper blades, but alas, not in 13 inch...


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Excellent write up.

Not sure I'm convinced about Rain-x myself - I tried some a couple of years ago, and it seems to make the wipers smear more that they do without it.

As for the anti-fog stuff I've only used the Halfords version, and that is certainly worth using.

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I found that in heavy rain it worked very well. I also put in on all side windows, rear window etc as that made the water dispel much quicker.

The problem I had was when rain was very light or misty, using the windscreen wipers left lots of tiny water balls over the wiped area which I found really annoying.

I still use it but I keep it off the windscreen which seems to defeat the purpose but I love it on all the other windows, mirrors etc.

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and i've also seen that rain-x do wiper blades, but alas, not in 13 inch...

If you want a set, Mud UK do them


I looked at them as part of an order I was doing the other day at work but I decided not to bother, in a Defender wipers on the inside would be more use... might have to look at a Defendervent though :)

I seem to remember trying Rain X on the side windows and mirrors and finding that it made a difference there, anything that makes wipers smear just irritates the ^&(@ out of me so I never tried it on the windscreen, in fact I can't really remember why I didn't carry on using it, must have a dig in the garage and try and find the bottle...

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Just a quick addition to this review, regarding application.

i've found today that i had a bit of fogging on the screen (nothing like what i used to get mind) and after a bit of research it seems it's advisable to apply both water repellant and anti-fog when it's warm, last time i put it on it was cold and wet, even though i was inside.

so anyone wanting to use either product, i'd recommend heating the screen a bit first, then putting it on and buffing it off while the heaters on.

might also explain some of the bad results people have had...?

HTH :)

Oh, and the ones mudstuff have are the Silblade ones, the rain-x ones i saw are yellow.

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ive been using rain x on and off for years , always seam to get good results if you start with a very clean grease free screen , alcohol and a rag is great

apply rain x with kitchen roll

leave to dry

mist water (has to be a fine mist ) on to screen

wipe up with kitchen roll , repeat a few times , doesnt streak this way

seam to remember this was the way discribed on the bottle years back , havent bought one lately

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i find cheap car wax by far the best anti fogging product for the insides of the windows in my 90 (and my spectacles, bathroom mirror etc)

absolutely no fogging at all and to me it was free, as i found a bottle of mer wax in the garage years ago from the previous occupant and i've been using that ever since. :P

leaves the glass completely streak free, easy to put on and works wonders. It really does work great on your specs as well. I can walk in to a warm pub from the freezing rain and suffer zero fogging.

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