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Rear PTO 88 or 109?


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I suspect it is more than 20" longer on the propshaft as the 109 has a longer rear overhang as well.

Other than propshaft lenght I can't see why there would be any difference.

If you are looking to buy one get what every is available / best condition and then get a propshaft made to the right lenght, lot of people who will do that for you for reasonable money.

PTO unit where never exactly common and I expect they are getting quite rare and expensive now.

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Not hard to fabricate. Make certain the lining up is as straight as possible though.

Two shafts:

PTO -> UJ ---> greasable telescopic join to UJ -> pillow block ---> pillow block -> UJ to output

---> == shafts.

2 x High tensile steel shafts, 1".

2 x Forged steel UJs if possible (pref. not cast) to fit. The third UJ should be attached to the telescopic join.

2 x Greasable pillow block bearings to fit.

1 x Greasable telescopic join to fit. This is important to absorb movement from the engine.

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I would put money on the shafts using standard LR flanges, which means you can make them up to suit by cutting & joining one or more LR props. Do you just need this to work, or are you doing a full nut-and-bolt restoration job?

You could do that too. Me, I'm too lazy and would prefer to get the steel rod lathed to fit the uni's and a key way cut in to suit and she's all nice and balanced to begin with. That way you can use the smaller uni's too. But yes, how much force will be exerted is an important factor but I would think the PTO would be limited in how much it can take(?).

Thanks for reminding me. I forgot one *very* important piece. The final UJ before output needs a shear pin of 1/4" copper rod. Have some others handy too, just in case.

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I am trying to find some photos of these shafts, as I have some shafts here (actually in Germany, I am currently in Amsterdam, so I cannot take a picture of them) which I do not know where they are from.



Best I can do is the pictures from the Parts Manual on the LHP21 CD for the 2A.

Note that in this context, Front means the front half of the split shaft to the rear PTO. Front does not refer to the front of the vehicle.

post-118-049131200 1286437480_thumb.gif

post-118-071649700 1286437493_thumb.gif

post-118-034352700 1286437776_thumb.gif

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Thanks for these images!

I cannot check for the manufacturers name at this moment because I am still in Amsterdam.

It looks different from this PTO.

Like this one: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-Landrover-Defender-Series-Rear-PTO-/260669758224?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3cb120db10

But the shaft looks like the one on Davids first picture..

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