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Strange Whining noise

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Hello there,

I have a 1985 90, Disco 200 tdi retrofitted, LT 77 gearbox with disco X box.

Fitted with BFG AT 235 on Wolf rims. Lifted by 2 inch with Bearmach blue springs, polybushed purple and with Paddock wider UJ props.

Strange noise is as follows: it appears at 50 Km and stays there. I can get it louder when in 4/5th gear and accellerating/decelerating. Seems a bearing.....

Removed the rear prop and gone was the noise! Fitted front prop on rear and noise came back. Not yet tried testing with standard prop, 'cos I think it has nothing to do with props? Bearings diff are replaced, bearings wheel make no sound, correct tyrepressures, balanced wheels, etc.

So where to look?

- resonance noise from the props?

- bearings in gaerbox (no load when no rear prop has been fitted?)

- ????

Please help, because I do not want to ruin something by keeping on driving.

Thanks in advance already!


Roel from Belgium

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You say the diff bearings were replaced? were the old bearings damaged or worn? if so for how long? if you ran your diff with worn or damaged bearings you may have damaged the ring and pinion gears. It is usually the gears that whine in a diff. Also upon changing the bearings have you re-set the pinion height/pre-load and also the ring and pinion backlash correctly?

Everything to me is pointing to a worn or incorrectly set ring and pinion.


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Dear Steve,

Thanks for the reply.

Bearing diff were replaced as a matter of course when I put in an Detroit Locker last year before I went to Morocco.

Locker is now removed (broken) and original diff was re-installed. Bearings have thus 11.000 kms since then.

Already two persons, with vast knowledge for diffs and both working on and for Land Rover, have it checked and have it balanced, with the same result: whining noise..... Don't know of a third party where to go to then......

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Apart from the funny side, how can I check a ring and pinion is gone its best?

Steve, Have you got a piccie where to look out for plz?


I will try and take some pics later today of various gears with different states of wear and some that were known to whine, just bear with me on the time scale but i will post some up!


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Removed the rear prop and gone was the noise!

This suggests rear diff rather than transfer box, Roel , you will need to pull the diff , fully degrease and then paint teeth with engineers blue , then rotate pinion in the direction for forward travel to see which part of the teeth is in contact with the pinion, KamdiffSteve's pics will show the result of incorrect adjustment of C&P positions



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