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X box input gear

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Next time you do this job then, tell us what the old and the new shims were.

Will do. I've got an LT230Q stripped down in the garage that i'll be putting back together at some point over the next month or two.

I've also got an LT230T for parts, so i'll pull the input gear from that and measure it in comparison to the one from the SE to see how different they are.

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Some other info on input gears, I've checked on 3 different LT230 boxes and most input gears do not line up properly with the intermediate gear.

e.g. I fitted a replacement x-drilled input gear to one LT230 and the difference / match is about 1mm, easily to spot and to feel. It can not be pushed in far enough to make it match 100%. According to Ashcroft the gears often do not line up properly. As there are no shims you can take out or replace at the front there is not much you can do about that problem. I have now removed this particular box out of my vehicle as it's making a bit of a high noise around 100-120 km/h. Looking at parts and clearances it's however the best box out of three.

The other box I will put in now is my Ashcroft one, re-rebuild by myself using OEM bearings and a new steel sleeved intermediate shaft transfer casing + some other bits. The line up of the GKN over drive input gear on that box is OK. It used to be silent so hope it will be like that again... will probably know by tomorrow when fitted into the vehicle.



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