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Series Door Top Assembly

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They can only fit one way.

You have a section of angle with a series of drilled holes - that goes along the front edge of the door frame, securing the front end of the fixed pane.

There are three pieces of box section corrugated aluminium, two of matching length. Those shorter two go top and bottom behind the fixed pane, the raised box in line with the front pane and outboard, the holed flange inboard and against the edge of the aperture to allow the window seal channel to sit on top of it.

The last, longer piece of boxed corrugated strip is for the rear vertical edge, and is fitted in the same manner as the top and bottom strips.

You should have some straight, flat strips. These are just packers to make sure the front ends of the top and bottom sections of window channel sit correctly, continuing the height created by the flange on the corrugated box sections so that the window channel is straight and parallel along its full length.

There is a cubic rubber block that sits within the front end of the upper channel to prevent the sliding pane hitting the frame. That uses the long screw and washer, the front edge strip uses rounded head screws and the window channel uses countersunk screws. It's worth trial fitting each of the sections and pre-drilling all the screw holes in the channels, ali strips and the frame (not forgetting the lock hole in the bottom channel if it's a SIII) and applying copious amounts of waxoil inside the frame and to the screw holes, channel ends and lock hole and inside the recessed face (after bonding in the fixed frame) of the frame before assembly to keep rust at bay.

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