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Bit of Help soon as please

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Have found the hand break sensor wire behind the kicker board and then its ends, only 10" of wire!!

There is a wire from the hand break light on the dash panel same colour WHITE and YELLOW, but where does it go to so I can pick it to and extend it to the bit that's stuck out the back of the kicker board and the result being another light on the dash panel that works.

And as this is my only day off for a while quick responses would be gratefully appreciated

cheers Mutley

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Ok found something and connected the 2 together, switched ignition on now have 3 red lights on the dash panel?

1... circle withe a "P" in it

2... circle with "!" in it and BRAKE below

3... looks like a cog with a thermometer in it

Is this correct or have I lit up more problems?

Cheers Mutley

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1... circle withe a "P" in it park brake on warning light for other markets [not UK] but it can be connected, then it leaves the light below for low fluid level warning only.

2... circle with "!" in it and BRAKE below brake fail warning light/low brake fluid level & park brake on light, should go out when park brake off & engine is running, should be on when brake fluid level is low & when park brake is on

3... looks like a cog with a thermometer in it main gearbox oil over temp light, should be off & not connected

at the bulkhead you should find the matching white/yellow wire in the smaller of the 2 multiplugs, connect park brake switch to that wire

see extracts from the 300tdi Defender owners handbook below, sightly different icons to yours but the text & meaning is the same

post-20-096977500 1286720708_thumb.jpg

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after a phone conversation, trawling through RAVE manuals elects section, if you do this it will leave you with the 2 brake lights --

disconnect the gearbox oil temp warning light at the dash panel, should be a seperate connection from the other warning lights multiplugs, safely secure the disconnected ire out of harms way, now we have found the oil temp switch is not fitted at the gearbox but the wires are there, safely secure these too.

at the warning light panel that will leave the circle P & circle ! brake lights in operating order.

to check operation of each with engine stopped but ign on with park brake on both lights should illuminate, with park brake off, both should extinguish

with engine running, park brake on both should be on [hopefully], with park brake off both should extinguish,

also check low fluid warning, with engine running, vehicle chocked, park brake off, carefully remove the brake fluid reservior cap, allow the brake fluid to drain into the reservior & when the float makes contact the circle ! light should be on = low fluid level working correctly. refit cap avioding any brake fluid spillage, select park brake on & switch off engine, remove chocks, put tools away, clean up & have a brew in celebration of another job sorted :D

good to talk to ou on the phone too. :D

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Reporting back as Ordered Sir.

Followed instructions as phone conversation and then checked with instructions on

the post by your good self (Western) and all is GOOD :D well except for the last bit :(

Drained brake resv. and let float drop, engine running and hand brake off no light came on :ph34r:

If it was a living thing I'd shoot it :rolleyes:

Oh well at least the dash panel has some more lights now :D

Once again thanks to all

And yes it was good to talk Western and I'm sure over time there will be other occasions ;)

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if the fluid level float doesn't put the light on, you can prise off the top cover, lift the float out & clean up the copper ring on the other side & the 2 copper contacts, wipe then clean, refit, top cover just clips back on then test agian, hopefully that will cure it, glad all the other bits worked, :D

what other warning lights do you need to work or is that job now done ?

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Will give that a go this week as I'm on early shifts and hopefully will be home with some day light left

As for other lights to sort will check tomorrow as all I've seen today is BLEEDIN' Red ones :lol:

Got the Diff Lock light to work this weekend :D and changed the seals on the vents, as I have had water

coming in after it rains from some where? So just to eliminate things I did the vent seals.

What a pain they are to get off (Vent covers)!?! The bloke who put the seals on must have done it blind folded for

a bet, they where any how, you could see where they where not making contact. So new ones on all

nice and straight, just have to wait for it to rain now (shouldn't be too long), and see if it only fills up

half inside in stead. Oh well

Cheers Mutley

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time for a well earnt beer then, the vent cover mechanism is very fiddly, did my seals a while ago, no water gets past them now, hopefully you won't have a interior paddling pool to contend with.

the fluid level job won't take long to sort, also check you haven't pulled one of the black/white trace wires off the connector blocks/cap terminals.

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