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Changing rear pipe section on a 110 2.5TD - can it be done on the grou

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When I did it I couldn't manage it with the wheels on the ground (plus 2 springs) I had to high lift the back to get the clearance. But I can't be certain I completely disconnected it from the mid section. (I was changing to a straight through side exit so I was fairly happy with a angle grinder that day!)

So long as you have a jack though, put it under the rear tow ball to lift the body, should give you enough lift to do the trick, ramps and stands are useless anyway for this job.


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Should be able to do it on the ground, but its easier to lift the back corner where the pipe exits in order to create a space between the axle and the body through which you can pass the pipe particulary the U bend in it wher eit passes over the axle.

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Hi I have a 110 300tdi & I rep last my full exhausts last week . lifted up one side & used a axel stand remover the wheel then lifted the body up to make room & removerd the back piece in one go no problem I hope this helps


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It can be done and was today 2 hrs start to finish - middle and rear sections changed out without jacking up or taking wheels off - still a bit of a fiddle especially when doing it on your own, judicious use of bungee cords and trolley jack to support various bits worked to a fashion.

Only problem was using Britpart ****part bit and pieces, asked Rimmer when ordering who the maker of the bits was, strangely quite about Britpartmentioned Allmakes and others - main issue was the oversize olives and the under swaged pipe ends - old olives way too small, new olives way to big - lots of sealant ( exhaust variety ) looks to have saved the day

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