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Another annoying noise!

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As above, i have another annoying noise in the 110 - except to spice things up, this time its a knock, not a squeak!

It seems to be coming from inside the car around the drivers corner, sometimes seems to be related to steering, but other times not. Seems to be inside rather than out, but i know these noises can be misleading. Its the sort of knocking you get when there is a solid object rolling around in the dash tray and it knocks against the edge of the tray as you go round corners - however, its not something in the tray as i've emptied it! The steering is fine and there is no play in the UJs (balljoints are also ok and too far away really to be the culprit). I would have presumed it was the back of the steering wheel knocking on the column shroud, but it seems a little too forceful for that and like i say, doesnt always occur when i'm turning the wheel. It doesnt seem to do it when the truck is stationary though. Its almost like the bulkhead is knocking in one place, but i cant find the culprit!

Any pointers on where to look? Pedal box seems nice and tight steering column bolts all tight, but its starting to worry me a little now! Could a bush have gone suddenly somewhere and cause a resonating knock that i can hear in the cab?

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Bonnet hinges were my first thought - they are present though and have been the cause of a persisten squeak in the past!

It was doing it as i parked up today if i rocked the steering wheel. I think it is the dash binacle and the long dash bar along the windscreen where the demist vents are. One of them is moving a little. I'll try tightening the screws up later. Blasted dash is such a cause of rattles and squeaks in my truck! Think i might tear the whole lot out and build a custom one!

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Well. Tightening up the dash screws has had no effect :(

It was doing it if i rocked the steering wheel on the drive when i got home from work. It is really quite weird as it sounded to be coming from near the transmission tunnel. I put my hand on the metal of the tunnel and i could feel a slight knock there. It didnt do it if i got out and rocked the wheel from outside the car. It seemed that the floor panel/seatbox/transmission tunnel was flexing as i rocked the wheel and that was causing it to knock on something. I tightened all the floor and tunnel screws up, but it is still doing it :angry::angry:

There is nothing related to the steering that can knock on any of that bodywork. Nothing is even touching it, so i'm stumped! Sometimes i get really fed up with this truck. Think i might drive the BMW for a few days and leave the landy to sulk on the drive!

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Thats what i was thinking. Will check they are all tight. I think the UJs are turning free, but will give them a check and a grease anyway and see. I cant think of another reason for the bulkhead to flex when moving the steering wheel. It does it on the straight over bumpy ground only as well, but that could also be for the reasons above.

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