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Load Bed Liner/paint

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Hi all,

I'm just replacing my lower rear door seal on my 110 van body and for the first time since I fitted the rubber horse mat had a look at the floor.

Apart from the load bed liner coating you get for pick ups, is there anything worthwhile painting the floor with which could help deaden the noise further?

I was thinking of possibly more flashing tape but I was hoping someone had found or used a better solution which could give the floor some protection aswell as making it look a bit more presentable?


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Nothing you paint on is going to deaden sound very much, you'd be better off putting down a closed cell foam layer then one of the chequerplate liners. This is one area I've been working on myself for the last few weeks and the addition of a wheel arch liner helped a fair bit as well but nothing beats mass and absorber.

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You can do that, however for the top you'd probably be happier using a flexible material and then putting rivnuts into the roof spars for mounting, it does not directly address the condensation issue though, closed cell foam glued to the metal, however thin keeps the moisture in the air out of contact with the cold metal. I know it's a British vehicle, but really it doesn't NEED to rain inside too. :)

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