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srs airbag light


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Hi guys,

have an annoying problem for the last few months, my srs airbag light comes on and stays on unless I do a journey of 30 - 40 miles, then it goes out and will stay out for a few days only to return and stay on when using for short journeys. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as electrics are not my strong point. Going to get her up on my mates ramp next week to waxoyl the bottom and service her before she gets treated to new boots.



97 "P" 2.5 TD (Met Red) on coils

Alfa GT

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Both my 1994 classic Range Rovers with airbags were/are over 10 years old and still had/have the original airbags. The SRS light still works normally and doesn't stay on after 7 seconds.

It appears as if it could be any component and you may need to use Rovacom to find out which. Otherwise you could try to get some air bags and ECU off the internet and try swapping them out one at I time. When you find out which one is causing the problem then you can sell the other two back on the internet!

However I would hazard a guess that it might be the ECU.

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Both my softies (all 3 in fact) have had the SRS system dissabled which is why I asked about the light to be told the thing about 10 years. Can't affod the unit for Rovacom yet or I'd have it sorted.

If you replace the ECU there are 2 types that are very similar, the RRC only used the extenal sensor type, the Disco had both depening on year.

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The SRS light comes on in my Disco 2 reasonably often and my '99 peugeot. It's normally the connections under the seats to the pressure sensor that's to blame. It could easily cause your symptoms, i.e. after a while running the dodgy connection gets hot enough to make a circuit, then it takes a while to loosen again. I'd try fiddling with that before getting into ECU swaps.

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