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Changing dampers - what's needed


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This may seem a bit daft a question but here goes.

I've mentioned in a previous thread about my suspension and fancy having a go at swapping over the dampers.

They're not overly expensive but what is going to cost is the mechanic time so...

Is this the sort of job that can be done on the driveway?

What's the minimum equipment needed to do it safely?

I am trying to establish if the kit I need to do the job will cost me more than

paying the mechanic to do something that I really could do myself.

From learning to drive many moons ago, I always used to service and handle

minor repairs myself but the advent of electronics and CPU's has flummoxed me

but I still don't see why I can't still handle the pure mechanical stuff.

25 years of company cars has left me a bit rusty so I'd rather ask a forum like

this before diving in myself, it costs nothing and I've founf that in general.

people do like to hel each other, despite what the tabloids would have us believe.

Anyway, all advice greatly appreciated.


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Well I am going to do the front dampers on my Disco 300tdi I live in Brightlingsea and have the gear to do it with, so If you are close to here you are welcome to park up behind mine and do it here and if you get stuck I'll give you a hand.



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Not the worst job on a LR at all, the worst part is doing the bottom but on the front shocks, you can't even get in to sut them off so soak in oil for a day or two first.

If you buy pressurised shocks you will need big muscles to compress them whilst you fit them.

Oh, and cheap Konis keep popping up on the bay.

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