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Restored and Converted 1989 Defender 110 SW Value

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I dont know if any of you guys would know, but we have recently been asked to have an agreed value insurance scheme by our insurance company for our 110 due to it being somewhat different to the run of the mill 110.

Basic specs as follows:

Engine and Gearbox:

* Iveco 2800 TDi engine conversion.

* Front mounted intercooler.

* Uprated aluminium radiator.

* Refabricated engine mounts.

* Later LR Discovery gearbox.

* Refabricated gearbox mounts.

* Custom engine to vehicle wiring loom.

* Engine fail safe (low oil pressure shut down).

* Modified Iveco sump.

Suspension and Brakes

* Later Discovery disc brake axles.

* Suspension lift kit.

* Poly bushes all-round.

* Modified spring platforms.

* Uprated shockabsorbers.


* Heavy duty winch bumper & winch.

* Custom radio controlled winch kit.

* Discovery style alloy wheels with all terrains.

* Fully restored

* White and Black paintwork.

* New Doors all round.

* 12V compressor, tank and quick connecters fitted front and back.

* Twin battery conversion.

* Quick connect jump leads front and back.


* Nene Valley seats, cubby box, carpets.

* Aluminium dash panels.

* Custom dog transport cage in the rear compartment (side facing bench seats removed).

* Custom aluminium draw under cage.

* Raptor dash with oil pressure, air pressure and boost pressure guages.

* Touch screen head unit, component speakers, built in sat nav and bluetooth hands-free.

Its obviously had lots more done to it than that, but I could spend ages listing it so I thought the best thing was to just list the basic important stuff.

I've attached a few photos below so that you can see what it looks like now, and also a link to the restoration gallery.

I await any comments as we have looked on autotrader and ebay and prices vary, £500-£2000 for 1989's (but scruffy) and upto £20,000 for TD5's etc, but ours doesnt sit in any of the normal categories!!!

Thank you in advance.











The restoration gallery:


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I suggest you check the rear axles specs & confirm it is able to equal or exceed the original rear Salisbury axles weight carrying capacity, Later vehicle have a variant of the 2nd ceneration RR P38 rear axle.

same goes for the allot wheels too

as to total value, basically it is a restored 'F' reg 110, so the insured value is down to an agrement between you & insurance company, a top condition 1988 or '89 110SW would only fetch around £2800 to 3000. using LRO's vehicle price gguide as info.

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Its value is what someone would be willing to pay for it , and that can vary dramatically, have you kept a record of what you spent ? That would be a starting point , but its still an 89 , and things like the bulkhead have been repaired rather than replaced etc The premium will reflect the agreed value so you need to consider the cost will increase the more value you place in it . I have a clause to retain the salvage and just work on market value on mine as the replacement cost of extra kit is the killer HTSH

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Looks very nicely restored, but please do look into the rated axle weights for the Discovery rear axle, and the alloy wheels.

All I can offer in terms of the restored value, is it's never worth what you put into it! New doors all round would have been a couple of grand if you bought them brand new, so I would be putting the value at around £10k ish, perhaps? As a wild guess. But as above, it's worth what someone will pay, perhaps contact some garages for a valuation?

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For the insurance value, if its agreed value, Id price up building another and use that figure for the insurance if you can afford to insure it for such.

BTW would you be prepared to put up some photos of the inside? I always like looking at others!


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I don't know if you've done agreed value before but as others have said you need to 'big it up' to the maximum value for if the worst happens.

The way I used to work it was; dig out every receipt for parts you can find from the rebuild, then if there's any key components missing get a written quote from a professional (e.g. labour for the engine swap or respray value). That should give a pretty good total. Ideally if you've done the work yourself tot up the rough hours and get a quote from a professional for the work. This will give you the replacement cost, but not many insures will agree to the full replacement cost. So you need some valuations from professional specialists for the vehicle as it stands and I'm sure somebody on here would help with that.

BTW, I'd love to know more about the Iveco swap, i.e. what donor engine etc.

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BTW, I'd love to know more about the Iveco swap, i.e. what donor engine etc.

As would I. Looks like quite an interesting lump...

as for the value, would have to agree with HPLP,find out how much it would cost for you to rebuild it. And get them to agree to the highest value they will give you to that.

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Agreed value is always as high as you can stomach the premiums to be. As you know the amount of effort it takes is difficult to price, so get a quote on building it from a similar base vehicle from Nene or Foley and you have a value that is reasonable.

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Thanks for the comments.

We shall have to work out how much it has cost us in parts, dread to think really.

I can give a quote for doing the conversion/restoration work etc as I do this full time.

I just wasnt sure how you valued the vehicle afterwards, but using te build cost is a good idea!

The engine is out of an Iveco Turbo Daily van (Daily II). Custom bellhousing adapter (basically half of the OE Iveco bellhousing machined down and a 10mm thick aluminium plate TIG welded to it and then drilled and machined to bolt the OE Landy gearbox bellhousing to it. It uses standard Landy clutch and pressure plates with a slightly machined (and lightenned) Iveco flywheel.

It required a fair bit of custom stuff to get it in, downpipe, sump, retrofitting the Iveco rad and intercooler, custom coolant and boost pipework etc. Well worth the change to be honest. We can quite happily drive around in 4th gear at 30-35mph and accelerate to 60mph quite quickly. It tops out around 85mph. Its got 108bhp and around 240lb/ft of torque, but we had a few issues with intake pipework collapsing whilst on the rollers. Thats why we fitted a snorkel on the driver side and a big intake pipe / enclosed filter. Weve got a T25 turbo to go on it soon and hopefully 2.0bar boost can be held without the turbo objecting.

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