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300 Auto - Starting Problem


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Hi all, 97 TDi 300 Auto.

Won't start, or turn over, it's like the battery is flat.

The battery is fully charged, everything works and I've tested the output.

Starter motor isn't jammed.

I have had over the last few months an occasional issue when I turn the key, nothing happens for a second or two, then she kicks up no problem.

It's like the gear lever is in "Drive", but it's definately in "Park".

Any idea's ?

Could it be the Immobilizer ?

Cheers Mitch

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If you get a 'delayed action' on turning the key it is most likely the spider. In your case you get 'no action' so I would put my money on the spider. There are good posts on this forum for fixing that insect.

Sorry, didn't read the previous post properly. I must say it isn't usually the fob battery. Worth remembering, that.

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