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2003 freelander diesel info needed


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should be a td4 at that age - BMW based 2 litre turbo diesel. Really cracking engine imho. My dad had a td4 freelander and ran it to 270k miles odd, and replaced with another.

Anyway, 53 reg should be a very early face lifted model (headlights drop into the bumper) - there is the off chance that it's the old style though, as it's right in the change period.

Normal things to look for with freelanders is the visous coupling and the rear diff - any clicking, clunking or knocking noises from the back end are a sign the something is up. Going backwards and turning one way or the other will often highlight these problems too.

Other than that, at 73k miles it shouldn't be suffering too much wear.

If it's a 3 door, and it has a softback, check the zips work. If if doesn't I have a spare one here... ;)

Check the rear window does what it's supposed to as well.



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If it's diesel it will be the TD4.

Do the old reverse-round-a-corner trick to see how siezed the viscous feels. Mind you, if you are not used to it it will feel seized anyway! Check the tyres for scrubbing and uneven wear. A siezed viscous can be sorted for around £300... have a search around this forum for the multitude of threads relating to this. However, if its left it can cause a hell of a lot more damage.

£5k is within the ballpark for a 53plate TD4.


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thanks for the help people, the said car is now sold but she realy wants a freelander so she has found another, a 2006 one

do they all suffer with the viscous problem or just early ones

take it its still goin to be the bmw engine or did this change aswell ??

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Yep, still the same Td4 engine. 2006 will mean you are looking at the last of the Freelander 1's, the durability of the VCU and IRD are said to be vastly improved on these later versions, certainly not had any problems on my 2005 model which is now on 77000 miles (hopefully not famous last words :rolleyes: )



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