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300 tdi ignition switch confusion

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I got a new ignition switch last week for my '96 Defender 300tdi.

It said it was OK for that year but it the old one only has 4 connections as opposed to 5 on the new one.

In addition, the old one is all 6.25mm spade terminals whereas 2 of the terminals on the new one are the wider 9.3mm.

I'd be happy to adapt & put new connectors on, but I can't make any sense of the switching on the new one.

The old one has a supply on pin 2 which connects to pin 5 on 'Aux', pin 3 on 'On' and pin 1 for 'start'. Nice and logical!!

The new switch has ...

- pins 2 & 4 connected when off

- pins 1, 2 & 3 connected when 'on'

- pins 2, 3 & 5 connected for 'Start'

and nothing at all connected in the 'Aux' position

This last is the problem, the rest I could work around!

I could take 2 or 3 as the input; 1 as the 'on' feed and 5 as the 'start' but I have no power in 'Aux' which feeds things like radio, heater, etc.

(... and why have 2 & 4 connected when its off???)

I'd be very grateful for any thoughts and advice. I know I can go back to the (eBay) supplier but I've taken the old switch out and thus I'm off the road till I sort his out!



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I'd seen that post but the new switch doesn't look like those - especially the numbering!

post-9499-063569000 1287649997_thumb.jpg

In the picture, the terminals are numbered 1, 5, 2, 3, 4 starting from the small one at 5 o'clock and going anti-clockwise.

5 and 2 are the wider terminals - that's the ones at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock.

I mentioned the electrical connection pattern earlier and it doesn't seem to make any sense to me!


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Thanks but I've now found somewhere that can supply the correct switch. Googling suggests that the one they sent me is for pre-tdi versions.

I could have bodged it but I would have had no usable 'aux' position so I'll send it back.


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