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Defender lower door sill seal

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Hi all,

Please could anyone throw some light on how I would correctly fit new lower (front) door seals on my 1993 200TDI Defender. When I purchased the vehicle it had well-worn seals fitted to the under side of the doors with self tapping screws. I bought some replacements and riveted them to the sill instead as the holes in the sill match those in the seal. I now find it difficult to close the door and have been told that they are fitted incorrectly and that I am also missing metal strips that protect the rubbers from scuffing when getting in and out of the vehicle. Any help would be appreciated and also info on where I would source these metal strips I appear to be missing.

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On my 300tdi the seals are riveted to the door bottoms. I believe older models had them on the floor sills. Can you not just screw them back onto your door bottoms?

Thanks for that WarPig, looks like I'll be doing that. The ones I took off the door were so badly put on, I assumed someone had fitted them in error and as the fixing holes on the new seals matched the holes pre-drilled in the sill I wrongly assumed they should be riveted to the sill instead. Lesson learnt!
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if the bottom seal are a P shape they rivet to the body sideframe sill, with the tube facing outwards.

if the seals are a upside down L the longer part is fitted to the door botom, so the short lip is pushed against the sill when door is closed.

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