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Quickest & easiest way to strip a Range Rover classic?


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Hi guys,

I've just started to break a Range Rover classic on my drive & trying to decide the quickest & easiest way to get the engine & auto box out etc. I'm doing it on my drive & don't have an engine hoist. I'm scrapping the shell, keeping the axles & suspension but don't want the chassis. I'm thinking of selling the chassis as I'm sure there are a number of people looking for a 100" chassis for a project who don't want the hassle of buying & striping a rangie to get one. Also I'll be selling the engine, box & lots of other bits too.

I was thinking would it be best to remove the front axle, put the shell on axles stands & drop the engine out the bottom?

Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful as I've never stripped a classic before or any other Land Rover for that matter.

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Yep chop the body up in to managable lumps, if you whip the roof off it wont take long, i did a disco like this with a small angle grinder.

Is this my old bus your chopping up?


Hi Neil,

Unfortunately it is your old bus I'm chopping up, I was hopping to swap all the bits over like I said & then sell your old one on. It meant though that I had to spend money on both of them to get them through the MOT & money is tight so I thought not. Also I will get more a better return by stripping it & selling what I don't want to keep as spares. I bet you thought that it would be all done & dusted by now but yesterday was the first day I've had a chance to even look at sorting out the two Rangies, so I got cracking. I had five cars on my drive up until Wednesday just gone, with another sat at my mates garage so I didn't have room to swing a cat. I've was hoping to sort these Range Rovers summer just gone but as always I'll be doing it in the cold & rain.

I also thought about cutting out the front panel & dragging it out forwards somehow? The thing is, I don't really want to cut the body up on my drive making an eyesore any more than I have to. I know you can't strip a car tidily but I want to try & keep it from looking like scrap yard because I only get one day or so a week, so it will sit there for a while looking very untidy.

What about undoing all the body mounts & having the shell lifted away, just leaving the chassis & engine etc?

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If you have the ability to lift the body from the chassis then that is the way I would go, it will make your life much easier and cut down on the eye sore, IIRC its 10 body to chassis mounts and lots of wires!

It's about blooming time you got this sorted and your beast back on the road :ph34r:


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