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No dashboard or rear position lights

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looking at the wiring diagram, the dash illimation goes as follows:

lighting switch -> fuse 12 -> header 290 -> bulbs

This should be very easy to trace with a multimeter.

The left rear lighting is as follows:

lighting switch -> fuse 11 -> header 288 -> number plate & tail light

The right is a bit more convoluted and goes through the dimdip relay (which you probably don't have) and the the dash warning light.

The only common thing is the lighting switch AFAIK.

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Thanks a lot Gromit, It finally were fuses 11 and 12, as you said. It's almost incredible, but my fuse cover sticker have a wrong positions printed.....

Ahh, explains why you gave different fuse positions the last time you had electrical problems with your dash.

There was a thread a while back with photos of the fuse stickers, not sure if it had TD5 though.

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