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What Clubs?


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Not done an AWDC event but plenty of Shire ones and a few HBRO ones. SAD are another local club.

Anyone here from the Wessex Hillrunners? One of their members, Patrick Miguel?, used to run a good web site which gave a real insight into some of the off road sites in the south.

Does all rather depend on what you want to do though.

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You could always try for the 'Unusual Suspects' Off Road Club.

Mind you it's invite only and the criteria needed to join are so strict and complex as to be almost impossible. For example:

entry stipulation 41b - must be able to make Bish laugh!

entry stipulation 31f - must have helped fix a vehicle belonging to Paul Challis

entry stipulation 37a - must have had your own vehicle fixed by Fruity

or even

entry stipulation 71b - must have selflessly helped Steve Lund, without looking for immediate reward or gain!

However the most difficult is:

entry stipulation 101e - have recovered Tony Walsh in an off road situation!

If it was Bish or loveable Harry Potter look alike Mr T Charger, or even off roading God Mr Bowden, then that would be simple - who hasn't recovered Bish at sometime?

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