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Husky Superwinch 8?

Terra Dog

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Hi all, I was just wondering how many solenoids my Husky Superwinch 8 uses. The wires from the winch go into a box under the passenger wing which I presume is where the solenoid/solenoids are housed? The reason I ask this is because the other day when using my winch it stopped winding in and would only wind out.

Because this happened I was told the solenoid has gone. Will it have just one solenoid to do both winding in and winding out? The controler lead goes into the box under the wing aswell. Are they easy to replace?

Also i've noticed that my winch is noisier that other winches i've heard, it is quite an old winch but I checked the gearbox and it's mint inside with plenty of greasy oil. Would it be the actual electric motor thats creating the noise?

Cheers Terra Dog

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