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RRC electric seat wiring, is it there on all models?


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Hi all

1992 3.9 RRC

I havnt had chance to lift up carpets etc yet but was wondering if the wiring is there already for the electric seats?

I know a lot of cars will use the same loom for the higher equipped models but just have blanking covers etc + wiring there etc for the lower models

Its cloth interior at the mo + if i can find decent electric leather for sensible money i will get it if the wiring is in the car

Cheers for the help


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Owners manual shows 6 fuses and 2 relays under the drivers seat if electric seats are fitted.

30Amps for the motors, a relay and 3 amp fuses for mirrors/seat memory are fitted for each front seat. Mine doesn't have electric seats and doesn't have this fuse box fitted.

I suspect the relays are for supplying low current to the switches on the seats so that they are not passing the full seat motor current.

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Our softie doesn't either, though it has the wiring for heated seats, you need switches and relays but as far as I can tell it then works.

non memory seats need 2 20 amp fused supplies to each seat. You can convert memory to non-memory, I'm going to do this with ours because the memory seat wiring is complicated and the memory ECUs are troublesome/expensive.

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