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p38 lift kit


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Hi all,

Got a friend whos got a p38, and hes looking remove the airbags for a 2 inch lift kit and extended shocks.

However, I cant find anywhere which shows the 2 inch kits for sale, I can find 1 inch, however really looking for 2.

Apart from a spacer plate under the spring seat, does anyone know where I can get a 2 inch lift kit (and air bag removal kit) for a p38??



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If your mate had just wanted a lift, then I'd have mentioned Arnott Gen III air springs, with whatever shock they recommend. (Speak to Rover Renovations in the US of A).

As your mate wants to go steel then I'll leave him to find his own way to perdition.

I'm not withholding information, I don't know an answer because I've never been interested to follow the route of steel sprung 38A's.

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