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What size tube bender dies ?


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I'm sorting myself out a tube bender at the moment but wonder what size dies are worth getting.

I know i'll need 50.8mm for 2" cds 2.64mm wall.

What do people normally make hoops for shocks out of ? 1 1/2" ?

Dies aren't cheap so don't wish to get the wrong size :lol:



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I have 2" dies and 1 1/2" I like to do everything in 2" if posible when there is room .1 1/2 is only a tiny amount weaker though I cant remember the figs but is about £8 cheaper.

Which bender do you have

Cheers. My current cage is 2", but for my next vehicle i'll be making the entire chassis / cage.

I'm undecided between a pro tools 105 HD or a JD2 ? I have used a pro tools 105 brute here at work and find it pretty easy...but not touched a JD2, although in pictures they look very similar.


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I went for a baileigh rdb 50 for several reasons, they are the official importer and should be around for a while , it handles 2 1/2" cds and higher tensil tubes with ease,its ratchet mechanism holds the tension for 270 deg vital for stainless etc and I haggled for a good deal so it was only £300 more. The down side (though is a plus in use) is it weighs 300lb. Good luck with your project!

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