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Changing gears in LT230


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In my RRC with 33's I've got an ZF22 with a LT 230 coupled to it. It drives fine, but when pulling a trailer with Serious on it (about 3000kg total pull) it struggles to stay in fourth gear when having a bit of headwind. So the plan was to soutce a good Lt230 1:4 from a 90. But came across a fine set of gears from someone who changed his 90 tot 1:2.

Got a LT 230 lying around So can change all this on the bench and then swop it in, in a day.

Any difficulties a might come across when changing these gears?

Do I need to loose the crossmember and tilt the engine/auto backwards to be-able to take out the transferbox? Or can I leave everything in place and just shift the LT230 backwards ? (Know that with a 90 I will have no problems but with a RRC???


Cheers Bowy

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Drop the cross member, oil, drive shafts, brake drum and linkage, speedo cable and exhaust, loosen engine mounts and lower transfer end down.

The intermediate gear and shaft changed when rover went to taper roller bearing in the LT230. Check that the gears you have suit the type of LT230 that you have. AFAIK you can't fit the later intermediate gears/shaft into the earlier case.

If the intermediate shaft has a nut on the rear end (to adjust bearing pre-load), it has taper roller bearings. The needle roller shaft has a keeper plate to retain the shaft.

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