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Making a Roof Rack


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Guest wunntenn

My brother in law and I made mine out of galvy tubing. Took a day and a bit to do and fit. Used a pipe bender to do the round bits at front, and then welded the rest up. No real measurements to be honest - we used a tape measure and did it on the hoof with the vehicle to work to.

I wanted a specific design - flat top for putting sheet material or rubber boats onto, and attachments for mounting sea kayak j bars for two boats. The kayak bits were made from aluminium some time later, but were designed into the original build, and are a simple slot over a bar design with a couple of stainless bolts to pinch it up tight. They can be easily fitted and removed, but generally when I'm out with the kayaks I take a long roof box too (for all the wet stuff) which fits over the kayak holder bars and the clamps that hold the roof box on encircle the kayak bars so no-one can remove the kayak bars without first breaking into the roof box. Slight deterrent.

The roof rack follows the sloping roof line above the cab to allow canoes to be slid up the bonnet easily and up onto the roof. I have a canoe trailer that I can roll a kayak around on, on the ground, and when I want to get the boat onto the roof the trailer dismantles and inverts and becomes a roller attached to the front of the roof rack for more easily getting the boat up.

Advantage of the rack design is its simple, lends itself to further bodging - eg the swingaway wheel carrier meant the ladder had to come off so the fixing points at top are now perfect for the gas bottle holder, and the tube ends were left open deliberately so I can install a pair of legs made out of u channel with another bit inside so they can pull out and be used to support a small awning at the back door. Still to get round to doing that though. And its round and low profile too so less drag and no noise.

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