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Pedal Rules?


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I've heard of people being given a hassle because their pedals were bare (oddly including some Series vehicle where covers were not fitted standard) and I am investigating machining up pedal covers specifically for the Defender and I want to make sure that they comply with any relevant UK regulations as well as my local rules (which are basically, if it's considered safe then go ahead). They would be bolt-on and require drilling 4 holes to ensure a proper secure fit vs. all those aftermarket ones that just don't quite fit and bolt on using retaining bars etc.

I'm also wondering what other vehicles share brake/clutch/accel pedal design with the Defenders (I only have two at the moment a 1992 and a 1993 and those are both the same) as it would be nice to have them work with the widest range of vehicles possible.

They'll probably also be slightly wider than the stock ones, probably another inch or so, and come up a bit more as well as I find the stock locations to be set quite low.

Any help with the regulatory issue, comments, or requests for contact when they're ready are entirely welcome.


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one of our series 1s has no bobbles on the clutch pedal from years of use and that passes MOTs fine with no mention about it. so what is the rule regarding pedal grip?

the accelerator pedals on series vehicles dont have anything to assist with grip but during trying to avoid an accident its not normally the pedal that is rapidly aimed for!

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