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4.6 into 4.0 Disco2: Need other ECU map?


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I have a 2004 South African specification 4.0 Disco 2 V8. This low compression engine runs open loop (it does not have Lambda sensors).

I have now installed a Rover high compression 4.6 in its place. So far it seems happy with the fuel and timing it gets. Presumably the fuel map just sees more air being used and supplies more fuel and the knock sensors are keeping detonation under control.

Can not help but wonder if there is not a more optimal fuel and timing map available developed for the 4.6. I understand that US Disco 2s came with 4.6. 1) If so, are they (running on the same fuel and timing maps as my car? 2) How does the ECU know when to use the lambda sensors and when not to?

All input will be appreciated.

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Have you done MS on a Thor using the oem crank sensor?

No, because the crank trigger pattern is not compatible with EDIS. It's very doable with direct coil drive from the ECU, but that is a faff - it's more robust to stick a 36-1 trigger wheel on the crank pulley and run EDIS.

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