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Are they pretty much the same?

The Eber D2 is £680 the Web 2000ST is £699

i'm tempted to go with the Webasto as their head office is just up the road.

Sorry to rain on your parade but I think you'll find it is some kind of regional outpost, I think they are well and truly based in Germany. FWIW I have a D2 which ticks all the keeping warm boxes.

Before you dump £700 on a new unit, try this very helpful chap for a used unit. I paid £150 plus carriage for mine: http://www.4x4play.net/contact.htm.

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i have been looking for a few weeks and really good working examples have surfaced but on the good ones the bidding see's them head up to new prices.

e.g. £310 on a D2 with a day left.......it will end up at nearly new price and with bits missing. Usually the bits that cost £40 or £50

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