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Discovery Propshaft donut STC2794

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Does anyone have the dimensions of one of these?

I need the thickness/length of the crush tubes and the ideally the PCD of the crush tubes, although and accurate measurement of a couple of hole centres would suffice :)

Probably going to use one for a project at work :)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: And what diameter are the holes? and size of the bolts used? are they the same as normal Prop shaft bolts? 3/8th UNF?

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From my spare Bearmach one, Pt No STC2794 that I got for the 300 TDi Disco. Which I no longer need as I've done the propshaft/flange mod now.

Length of tubes = 30mm

Internal Dia of tubes = 12.02mm (So bolts would be 12mm)

PCD = 96mm

6 holes, centre to centre of 2 holes = 48.25mm 'ish

Hope this helps, (Curious to know what you're doing?)

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I'd like to see you get a 12mm bolt in a 12.02mm hole!! Far more likely to be M10.

you'll always find the bolt O/D's are actually undersize, only special location bolts are machined to spot size.

The central hole dia is 50mm 'ish (it is rubber!)

The bolts that were used (providing that I've found the correct ones!) are 12mm x 65mm long. (& just for bishbosh, the O/D of the 12mm bolt actually measures 11.91mm)

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