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Homemade light pod


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Hi all,

I'm going to build some light pods out of aluminium and was wondering if someone could recommend some lights to fit? I was thinking 4" would be fine, I'd like flood and spot (two of each) and they need to be the lenses/bowls only really as I'll be screwing them into my own housing.

Just after some pointers so I can start designing them.

Hopefully theres some available as "bare units" :unsure:

Cheers, Martin

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Thanks, any "cheap" ideas appreciated, might have to get a look around the scrapyards :ph34r:

Should have said, the plan for these will be roof mounted, in a pod, rally intake style if that makes sense. It does to me :lol:

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Cheers John, I have a mock up in the shape of a mates 300tdi disco with light bar :) In the rain it was like warp-space 9 :blink:

I've just fitted some lights to the front bumper today for on road driving (Rally Giants). These are legal jobbies for country roads :) I was thinking of the light pods for off-road use more than anything, and also a bit of a sheetr metal project as I don't have much experience at sheet metal work.

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