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300tdi oil pressure light

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Hi folks, the last couple of days i have had no oil pressure light come on when i turn the key to warm the glow plugs. Ive recently fitted four new glow plugs and woundered if i have disturbed anythin to do with the oil pressure light. Not sure whether its related or its a coincedence? I have checked the connection by the oil filter and that seems fine, but dont know where to look next? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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check the wire from the oil pressure switch to the dash warning light plug, a continuity test will confirm if it's intact or broken, the wire does age harden with the heat from the engine, maybe just a dirty terminal/connection at the switch or the bulb has popped it's clogs.

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Thanks western, all sorted now! I did a continuity test from the plug and all is fine. So, i gave the sender (i think thats what its called?) a tap very lightly with a spanner and as a result the light is working perfectly. Is the sender on its way out then, or can they stick?

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