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Plasma Consumables


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I've a plasma cutter, a Cut-50, with the standard chinese torch, a PT-31. Or so I believe.

It came with a few spare torch bits/tips.

I've used those up, mainly mucking about with it and learning what it can, and can't do, and I need to buy some more. I've been looking at ebay, and noticed that there are "extended" bits for the same torch.

What's the difference? Oh, and are the tips reversible? They look to be, but I've been scared to try it, just in case the thing blows up!


Oh, and what can I do to increase the life of consumables?


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I don't know about extended / normal - probably to do with the shield you're using (drag / manual stand-off distance). I'm sure someone with the same machine can tell you, or ask the vendor.

Regarding consumable life, use as dry air as possible, for non-edge-start cuts, start with the torch at an angle to the workpiece, and rotate to 90 degrees, letting the arc cut into the material without an initial blow-back directly up the centre of the outer shield / nozzle. Maintain correct stand-off distance (if applicable) and movement speed - if you go too fast, you'll get carp blowing back into the torch. To a lesser extent, cleaner material helps too. The quality of the consumables is also very important (though on machines of that type, I'm not sure how much variation in quality there is).


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The electrodes a reversable and the longer tips just allow better reach/visability.

As Mr astro says clean dry air is vital as water in the air will destroy the torches and consumables fast, the thermodyne dragun which I had ,though sent back used a internal air compressor which had no water trap destroyed its tips electrodes very quickly.

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