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re splining half shafts


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a 1mm cutting disk on a angle grinder a grinding disk and a triangular file

i had a funny noise at the wheel of my td5 but the drive flange was rusted solid on the shaft so i heated it and bashed it with copper hammer with no joy so had to cut it off and then fix the damage i did to the end of it with the said tools lol

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When I spoke to Ridgeway about extending existing splines they said that it can't/shouldn't be done due to stress release due to heat treatment causing warping?

I did find a yank website which shows the depth of the heat treatment and says its not a problem? Car Craft

post-1119-033939900 1291730776_thumb.jpg

post-1119-078572700 1291730799_thumb.jpg

Quote from article

"The pen points out the 0.187-inch-deep factory surface hardening that is only mildly affected by the 0.040-inch-deep spline cuts (right). There is still plenty of strength left for all but the most serious horsepower levels. Again, the Suttons say this operation is safe for 3,400-pound cars running 11.0 seconds with an automatic or 12.0 seconds with more brutal stickshifts."

The comments about loading regard 1/4 mile times as this is a Drag Racing project.

post-1119-066391200 1291730837_thumb.jpg


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