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Front Nearside Seatbelt


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The front passenger seatbelt spool fell apart today when I turned on the engine. I went to buy a new one and was informed that they had discontinued the one that I wanted (defender 110 SW 1995; attached in the corner of the door frame). The new one attaches to the bracket which the spool is fitted to and looks like it attached to the floor.

My question is how do i fit the new part so that it is safe and passes its MOT? Hope this all makes sense.

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Thats the one; pricy aren't they. Many thanks for the reply.

does your new one look like this click here

& Yes I know the link/picture shows a RH belt, because there's no picture for the LH belt

the black angled part fits in the rear corner alongside the front seatbox/B post.

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Had to replace my front ones, same as those, got a shock when they told me how much the genuine ones were so I said give me generic Securon ones.

You'll see the genuine bottom mount has the belt loop sewn through it and is part of the kit, the Securon one has a bolt that goes into the older style series mount with a captive nut.

You either have to buy the bracket at around £13 or do what I did and cut the old belt off the bottom mount, open up the hole and fit a nut and bolt, there's spares in the Securon kit.

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