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LRS Challenge 2011


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lucky git.....mine broke at every event bar 1 ;)

yeah and didn't you win that one

just think what you are capable of lol

oh don't forget the event you broke yourself first, so technically (unlss it broke going on and off the trailer)it didn't brake at that event :lol::lol:

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dont no why barney but me and matt do better on the double punches (80) rather than the old school 40,

And yes we did win, or was that because everyone else broke ? Or did the s/s results show we had a good day ?

After all we did loose 45 mins because we got just everso slightly hung up on a tree at an awkward angle

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:( im not on the list and sent in my form ages ago. ah well, sent it again (with some pennies this time) so hopefully that will reach you!!!!


Unlike me, the entry bookings, Paperwork side is supa efficeint!!! so somethink £ucked up, try a email, or a phonecall and a promis to follow it up with a entry &££££ ;)

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Melbourne, Donnington, near East Midlands airport,

look out for my co-driver I lost him there..................

it's not far from that doddgy causeway thing over the water, thats not very nice in the dark with a wide trailer on.....

a sort of 50p/5p moment if you know what I mean...............

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Me and Mocha will be back, and going to sort out entry this afternoon :)

We really enjoyed the 3 rounds we did last year, really good start to challenging, hats off to all the marshals and organisers!

I am A little too excited i think....

Cant wait, had a really good time last year and you guys have got us hooked!

Also Pete, yes it is the same place! you should try putting a limit on throttle pedal travel, it isn't an on/off switch! may stop you smashing stuff! :P


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