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Grumbling in reverse


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Put my 110 back on the road last week, good timing with all the snow!

All going well, but when I reverse it feels like it is being held back, bit like extreme axle wind up.

Handbrake releases fine, and rolls easily when let off.

All is fine in all foward gears.

Any ideas??

Spec is ExMOD 110 with 200tdi and Discovery transfer box.

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Gent's, Have you thought about replacing your drum braked transmission brake with an X-brake from X-eng? as you never get what you're describing using one of those on your vehicle-I've had one on my 90 now for a few years and it's been totally reliable, Find Simonr on here and follow the link on his signature and see what's what

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Hi, My 90 dose the same and I was wondering if the cold weather has anything to do with it.

I have not looked yet but another cause my be brake dust or oil, although you may see oil on the lower part of the back plate but not nessesarely if it's at the early stage of leaking.

Regards, Ronnie.

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Took the handbrake drum off today, was not oily, but may have been at some time as it was "sticky"

Cleaned it all off with brake cleaner and reassembled, spun fine in fowards dirrection, but gradually tightened in reverse.

Currently have wound the adjustment right off and all is fine, but what can be causing it to tighten, shoes looked to have plenty of meat and all seemed to be assembled properly.


Would love to put an X brake on, but I have plenty other things to spend out on at the mo'

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