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Buying A Hydro Press

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Wanted one for ages, need one for a selection of jobs, pressing bearings on off

and maybe A Frame Ball joints, maybe Radius arm bushes etc etc.

Not sure if this : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SEALEY-10ton-Bench-Hydraulic-Press-Gauge-YK10B-/140474171935?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item20b4e9c21f#ht_1412wt_905

would be "Beffy" enough for A Frame Ball Joijts / radius arms ? thoyughts ?

Would like something 20 / 30 tons, but can't seem to find anything Bench mountable, tight on space, so

bench is preferred, I alsio don't like the ones that have a big F off Bottle jack in them, prefer the

styleee as per above

Options thoughts suggestions (and No have time to make one - had crossed my mind - but too much going on )



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Make one would be the way forward using a s/h enerpac ram and pump off the bay or wherever you can source one. If you build it with the tonnage around the 25 30t mark you can make a useful brake attachment for brackets etc

shame you mentioned it as a brake attachment and not a bender otherwise i would have offered the services of david (the bender) lol

Nige just go for the big b-stard one and sit it in the living room. put it in a cabinet / wardrobe to disguise it when not in use

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10 ton won't touch front radius arm bushes if they've been in a while.

my 30 ton max's out on steering box drop arms everytime.

Ebay link looks ok, the bed looks a little undersize for 50 ton though, might be the pic?

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I'd go for the bottle jack ones off ebay, they are cheap (for a reason). But if the bottle jack gives up the ghost, how much is a new bottle jack as opposed to a new hydraulic ram. I bet you couldn't even get the seal kit for the price of a bottle jack. Just my tuppence.

I have a 12 ton and paid £95 delivered.


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Alternatively, go for a small fly press.

Because they shock whatever you are pressing with an impact - a small press will cope with things a big hydraulic press will fail on!

My fly press is tiny and bench-mounted. Probably only rated at a couple of ton - but has never failed on a bush.


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I once bent a stub axle that was worth more than the press was because the damn thing was so cheap it flexed under part load.

If you're willing to jig it up straight and then weld the frame together, though, one of the cheapies could be considered a "kit" from which to build a working press. I just wouldn't consider them usable out-of-the-box.


(Oh, and I don't think the ratings mean much. My current 15T made-in-Taiwan press is easily twice the machine my 12T made-in-China one was. I haven't had anything auto-related the 15T wouldn't handle yet.)

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If you have heat available a good 20 to 30 ton press will press out anything on a land rover. but if not and you can only do it cold you will need something from 50 ton upwards. we use a Yankee YK509FAH 50 ton air hydraulic press in our workshop but they are up to £2000 for a new one but it has never been beaten. I would spend the money on quality as many of the cheaper presses may say 30 ton max but they max out at 20 ton or less.

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