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A word of warning - snorkel only as good as the piping !!


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My M8 went to the main stealer in the country last week and parked in the forecourt while he went in to get a part. When he came out it was only to find that some one had nicked the top of his Safari Snorkel. While he was working for/with me yesterday I said that leaving the top open to the heavens is not a good idea and told him to come round and I would improvise a top untill he could source a new one. Today he came by and before putting on a top I thought I would use the opportunity to make sure that the snorkel was sealed properly and put my hand over the top while the engine was running - it did not even change rythm, floored the accelerator and still no difference. Found out that the pipe from the snorkel base to the air filter has more holes than a sieve but all on the hidden bottom part of the pipe.

So, check your snorkel every now and again - simple to do and might save you a fortune.


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