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Forum Funding (Continued) 2011 Calendar


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Seems like the ads are having the desired effect :P

Aside from the ads and subscription, how about doing an LR4x4 Calendar for the new year, I know its quite short notice, but I'm sure between all the members we can get together some pretty epic/funny photo's?

For the love of god though keep your clothes on! I have a horrible image of martifers wearing nothing but his boots and a tree strop :unsure:

Edit: Just as I posted this I thought of another way to get people to pay up, perhaps a monthly/bimonthly raffle for all people who have a standing order of £2 a month or more. Doesn't have to be much, just perhaps £10 voucher from one of the kind vendors who use the forum?

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I'll go out on a limb here

Post up pictures that you have seen, must be LR based :P

All profits to LR4x4 I will sort out the design, printing and costs and advise seperately

Need at LEAST 12 FAB Pics, or we could have one page of "Forum Wounds of the Year :moglite: My Finger is still black

If I get posted up enough pics to do I'll pull me finger out :P and get on with it.

When I see enough interest in here I will transfer and start a new thread ?

Go for it !


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A couple of my favourite pics from our little holiday in 2007. :lol:

One of the comics normally includes a year planner in their December edition, LRM I think... We buy a copy once a year specially for this. But this year we either missed it or there wasn't one... so any variations of the theme would be welcomed by me and 'er indoors :)

post-136-004816000 1291727366_thumb.jpg

post-136-014560700 1291727390_thumb.jpg

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