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Generic Tdi question for you genius'


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Evening all

I have a question regarding tdi engines, and their oil systems

I have seen a 200tdi in a lightweight with no oil cooler fitted, and the oil cooler unions blanked off. Now until then, i was of the opinion that if you didnt want to run a cooler, you had to loop the two oil pipes.

I am also aware that the 300tdi is a slightly different system, so would it be ok to blank 300tdi oil cooler unions?

Hope someone can clear up my confusion.


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oil cooler on TD/200 & 300Tdi engines is just a long tube inside the righthand side tank of the radiator assembly, it meant to be connected so the oil can help the turbo dispose of waste heat, if not connected then removing the oil temp thermostat & blanking the oil filter head hose fittings should be OK.

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there's info here http://www.glencoyne.co.uk/200di.htm about fitting a 200tdi in Series vehicles, but without the turbo, so you'd have a 200di engine, still with more grunt than the older 2.5n/a diesel.

the 200tdi oil filter head is common to all the previous 4 cylinder diesel engine as is the oil filter, so you can use the existing filter head & then no need to find blabking plugs for the tdi's oil cooler hose connections.

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