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Disco Slave in a Defender?


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Recently purchased a Defender and obviously recently had my first problem!

It's an 86 military 90 with a early disco 200tdi fitted. The problem was the bite point of the clutch was on the floor. Bit of googling later I find this forum and several fixes - There was virtually no fluid in master, what was left was black. After filling it started appearing on the mat. Sooo I assume the master is on the way out!

Now this is where im slightly confused and its probably something that really doesnt matter but i thought I would ask anyway:

The master is a defender part, right? There seems to be only one so shouldn't be hard to get the right one:


My confusion is what the slave is... Is it a disco slave? Its on the drivers side of the engine bay and is attached to a little damper reservoir. From what I've read this means its a disco part. Is there a difference between defender and disco slaves? Is there much difference between any of the slaves? Does it matter if I'm going from a defender master to a disco slave? I've also read about people fitting a V8 slave to lighten the pedal, is there a v8 one for the disco?? I was gong to get this:


Not sure what the “from KA045959” means, but seems to be the only one for a 200tdi... ?

hmm... quite a few questions there! haha... one more though, should I bother refit the damper or just bypass it completely?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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Righto. So even though they are in different positions the part is still the same! good to know.

So technically this defender salve http://www.paddockspares.com/pp/DEFENDER/Clutch/Clutch_Slave_Cylinder_-_all_4_cyl_engines_%28except_300TDI%29_-_TRW_Lucas.html should work.

Read bad things about no-name parts so trying to stick to something like Lucas. Assuming Lucas are solid parts?

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Ah... that may be an issue. While I have the original log book and even the keys to the sacrificed disco I'm not sure I have its VIN number! Is there a way of finding it?

Although as kamdiffs steve says, if there isn't a difference between a defender and disco slave... will it matter?

I seem to be making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill here! haha :)

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I'm not sure I have its VIN number! Is there a way of finding it?

as you have the Disco's V5, the chassis/VIN should be printed on it, should start s with letters SALL*************

& consist of a full 17 digit [leters & numbers] serial number.

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Ah, ok excellent, thanks for the info! I'll have a more detailed look at that tonight. Must have missed that when i glanced over it.

And yeah, just noticed on paddocks that there is a slave that goes to KA045958 and one that goes from, so there must be a difference I guess. Same on MM-4x4 too actually, except they give dates to 1992 and from 1992. The Disco was a 91 H, so suggesting its probably before KA045958 etc.

Looking and the technical guides on here (pretty awesome by the way) swapping the pair doesn't look like to big a job. Only thing i need to be careful about is when swapping the slave - not to push the rod out of place or something?? or i will have to split the engine/gearbox to fix. and I REALLY don't want to do that. Any tips before attempting?


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