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strange temp readings


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now the answer is probably stupidly obvious - but i am going to ask the question anyway and risk a bit of :ph34r: from you lot :D

wifes td5 es is having some erratic temperature gauge problems.

it will creep to just about the white line above "cold" and stay there. wont move. definitely wont go to the middle. However she does run with the heater on full blast 25C.

Now the complicated bit - if you then leg it down the motorway the temp guage will go from just above cold to right in the middle in about 5 seconds. Literally 5 seconds!

Sometimes the heater will change sound and heater vents and instead of blowing out of all the vents at full blast, it will go to the feet only. When it does this the temp gauge will go up to half way in about 5 seconds.

Obvious answer is the heater is robbing too much heat from the engine and the td5 just cant get everything hot enough whilst tootling around town. Change in heater 'noise' is when the cabin gets to 25c and turns itself down and then the engine can get warm again, same with the motorway driving - engine is working hard and now produces enough heat to get the gauge up to half way.

But my real question is how the gauge can go from less than a quarter the way up to half way in literally 5 seconds!!! To me this seems wrong.

Am i worrying about nothing, is the guage a bit 'sticky' in the dash, is the heater return pipe literally just in front of the temp sender and giving false readings, sticky thermostat???

just wanting to make sure the only properly reliable car in our familly doesnt break down really - and there are far too many electrics on there for me to really understand these stupid machines.

cheers for confirming i;m a plank and worrying about nothing (or advising me of impending doom)


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Sounds normal to me.

If you use the "auto" feature for the climate control that also sounds quite normal. It'll hold off blowing any air until the heater matrix is warm enough and will distribute it around the cabin as required to heat it.

Personally I don't use auto, I set it myself and turn it on after I see the gauge start to move, but I'm "old fashioned" like that :ph34r:

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My temp gauge does a similar thing but it does it all the time when you first start up and run for a short distance the gauge stays in the bottom quater but when you go a bit further it shoots straight upto the middle i have presumed this was happening when my thermostat opens and the engine was at normal temp.To add mine does not have climate control just a normal heater.

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Land Rover temp gauges are notorious for lying. They are specially 'engineered' to read 'in the middle' no matter what the actual temp of the engine is. Interestingly enough, the ECU knows EXACTLY what the temp of the engine is. Maybe you should get a Nanocom or similar and have it permanently connected and then you can ignore the temp gauge altogether.

Or do what we often do which is to fit a VDO sensor and gauge.

BTW if you want a real fright try pricing the temp gauge at a LR stealer™ :o

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